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Our history

M&M Translation Services LTD was founded in May 2009 for the purpose of providing foreign language communication services.


Professional translation

The best criterion of a good and professional translation is for the end product to have a natural feel to it, so that the reader is not aware that the text has been translated from a foreign language. Our aim is not only translate the source texts, but to translate and adapt texts to ’feel’ natural in the foreign language.

This is completely independent from the language pairs. We insist on our basic principles in all cases, whether it’s an English or German translation, or even Russian, Slovenian or Polish. This goes beyond the simple translation of words and meanings. To reach excellent quality it is necessary to completely localize and check the texts several times.

Our team translates millions of words from one language to another, year by year - using continuous monitoring and built-in quality control tools, and also adhering to strict deadlines.

The list of materials we have translated, and number of companies/bodies we have worked for, is almost infinite: numerous instruction manuals, technical descriptions, assembly instructions, automotive technical materials, architectural designs, railway materials, tender documents, quotes, business correspondence and marketing materials, product catalogues, fashion catalogues, chemical protective product catalogues, company presentation materials, education materials, literary translations, book translations, web pages, software localization, translation of certified documents issued by official bodies, Mayoral offices, Ministries, police and hospitals, other authorities of public administration, contracts, Decisions, laws, operation and commercial codes, protocols, corporate articles, SAP materials, software localization of cell phones, software and hardware manuals, materials related to gambling, localization of online and computer games, insurance bonds, information brochures of financial institutions, accounting materials, profit and loss accounts, reports, corporate surveys, statistical analyses, corporate code of conduct, pharmaceutical research and experimental materials, descriptions of medical equipment – and this is not a complete list!

You may send the translation material to us online - our preferred method of working - or you could bring the material to our office personally.