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Our history

M&M Translation Services LTD was founded in May 2009 for the purpose of providing foreign language communication services.


Certified translation

In Hungary, certified translation can exclusively be provided by OFFI (National Office for Translation and Attestation -  1063 Budapest, Bajza str. 52.).

However, we can provide official translation to meet all requirements! This means a professional translation verified by the certificate of our translation agency, bound together with the copy of the original material and supplied with the stamp of the office. This type of "official" translation is widely accepted abroad. "Official" translations provided by our company are used without problems in countries such as Australia, Austria, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, the United States of America and numerous other foreign countries. We’ve received NO negative feedback in connection with the "official" translations provided by our company, informing us that they were not accepted in another country.

In case you would like to use professional translation services for official administrative tasks in Hungary, our company offers "official translation with notary certification" among our services. This differs from normal official translation supplied with company certificate, since the documents supplied with our company certificate are authenticated by a notary public. We also manage notarial authentication. You need do nothing more than send us the material to be translated, and we will prepare everything, including notarial authentication. The price of this service is increased by the addition of the current notarial certification fee.

NOTE! If you would like to use professional translation services for official administrative tasks in Hungary, please make prior contact with the receiving party or authority in all cases to ascertain whether they will accept an official professional translation prepared by an official translation agency and authenticated by a notary public, or whether they insist on a certified translation authenticated by OFFI.