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Our history

M&M Translation Services LTD was founded in May 2009 for the purpose of providing foreign language communication services.



Interpreting is a more complex activity which needs refined abilities. The interpreter has to react and translate within a fraction of a second to maintain the continuity of communication. Basically, we undertake two types of interpreting.

Consecutive interpretation. In this case, the speaker, negotiating party, etc., speaks 2-3 sentences, then waits for the interpreter to translate the sentences, and so on. As an example, on a business negotiation, the interpreter translates for 2 languages and mediates between the 2 negotiating parties on English-Hungarian, German-English or German-Hungarian language pairs, or another language requested by the client.

Our interpreters (including the managing directors) have already helped numerous businessmen to make a good bargain with their business partners. Test our services! You will not be disappointed. We stand our ground in any field of expertise.  We have interpreted on audits, professional conferences, business meetings, trade union consultations, international company opening ceremonies, press conferences, annual general meetings, educational training sessions on various technical fields of expertise, etc. We can present references from these many fields of expertise.


Conference/simultaneous interpreting. The basic difference compared with consecutive interpreting is that with conference/simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter talks in parallel with the speaker, meaning that the speaker does not need to wait for the information get to the audience in their own language. Members of the audience use headsets or earpieces to listen to the translation of the interpreter. Naturally, certain technical requirements need to be met: interpreter cabin, translation machine, microphone and headphones/earpieces for the audience. In the case of simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter exclusively translates to his/her own native language. Our colleagues have provided interpreting services at numerous conferences, so our experience is of high level and far-reaching. We mainly undertake simultaneous interpreting in the English and German languages.