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Our history

M&M Translation Services LTD was founded in May 2009 for the purpose of providing foreign language communication services.


Quality assurance

We aim to continuously provide high quality translations. For this purpose some of our colleagues separately read through the materials, or thoroughly proofread the texts.

Our professional proof-reader has a wide range of experience - he is the security of excellent quality translations. Beside manual checks we apply software reviews as well, but we strongly believe in manual checks.

With software reviews (e.g.: Xbench, ErrorSpy, etc.) we try to ensure that the professional terminology is consistent, and that certain professional expressions do not have more than one meaning. Furthermore, we filter out spelling mistakes, typos, and differences between numbers, and moreover, we can also detect double spaces and differences between punctuations.

Manual reviewing is indispensable, but in some cases people can skip certain mistakes that will not remain unnoticed by software programmes. Therefore, we carry out combined checks in most cases.

Our projects undergo two rounds of quality control in nearly all cases. After the translator has finished working, one of our colleagues reviews and reads through the text. Finally our proof-reader thoroughly checks the translation projects. We also work together with professional proof-readers of foreign languages. The professional indemnity insurance of our company is provided by Generali!

You can rest assured that your texts will be in good hands!